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Quotes by famous Personalities and Celebrities about mindset, life experience, love and success

We look to celebrities whenever we relate ourself with them for a lot of things, like life-style, acting advice or other entertainment. But our favorite celebrities and personalities icons also make some important statements about self-believe mindset, confidence, happiness and perseverance. No matter what challenges you’re facing, these motivationa quotes will help you conquer them.

1: Robert Downey Jr

Listen, Smile, Agree, And Then Do
Whatever The Do You Were Gonna Do

2:Taylor Swift

life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning how to dance in the rain

3: Daniel Craig

No matter how you feel get up.
dress up. show up and never give up

4: Shakira Isabel

You have to be ver strong and
tough-minded if you want to survive

5: Gary Vaynerchuk

Look yourself in the mirror and
ask yourself, what do i want to do everyday
for the rest of my life

6: Larry Ellison

You have to believe in what you
do in order to get what you want

7: Morgan Freeman

Challenge yourself, it’s the only
path which leads to growth

8: Muhammad Ali

Its’s just a job, grass grows, birds fly
waves pound the sand. I beat people up

9: Arnold Alois

If i can see it and believe,
that i can achieve it

10: Paiulo Coelho

The world is changed by your example,
not by your opinion

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